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Description Cloud

The cloud solutions of the major providers have long been established. Availability, speed and security allow users to work productively. Whether in the office or on the go, work is efficient. The EU data protection regulations are complied with.
We believe that the advantages over the classic, local data center outweigh this. We have been using the Google solution for a number of years.
ICS is migrating its existing IT infrastructure to the Google Cloud. Your data is protected from viruses and ransomware attacks through several measures. A professional backup solution backs up emails and files. We set up workstations and smartphones for access to the cloud.
We could take over the administrative management, set up new users and e-mail addresses so that customers can concentrate fully on their work and rely on IT running smoothly. The use of the backup solution is easy to learn, with which the customer can restore lost documents himself, if desired, in a short time. You can easily hold video conferencing.
Switching to the cloud is already worthwhile at one workplace. We help to optimize your IT with a state-of-the-art solution and look forward to hearing from you.