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Foundet in 1995, the ICS is a competent computer science partner for the areas of facility management, Internet solutions and computer science networks.

1997 - Internet Solutions

When we start our internet business, the need for complex Internet solutions grew. The development of a proprietary software solution (content management system) for the processing of various Internet sites proved then to be very visionary. Today, we serve over 400 content management systems with great success.

2001 - immo facility ag, Vaduz

As a developer of facility management software, we are specialists around the property management. With the establishment of the company Immo facility ag, Vaduz ( in the year 2000, the entire division was successfully expanded.

2001 - ISO 9001 certification

With this commitment to Total Quality Management we compete on the market. Whether or private persons for administrations, services, industry, small business, we put our knowledge together with our customers profitably.

2003/2004 - Start IT network solutions

The rapid developments in the information technology industry offer users a vast range of services. For this we are planing, realizing  and supporting our customers in the design of computer science workstations Risk management analysis included as well as firewall, data-hedging, virus and spam solutions.

2004/2005 - Extending ICS

With the establishment of the company Immo facility (Switzerland) AG, St. Gallen ( and immo facility (Graubünden) AG, Chur ( we expand our investments in Switzerland. In time for the 10th anniversary, we start with a new CD / CI and completely new software versions of our Internet and facility management products.

2009 - GebMan.i10 - 100% Internet-based FM Software

With the introduction of an integrated business software over the Internet, we are among the first in the industry which can offer this. Whether bookkeeping, payroll, time management, accounting and controlling, facility management (cleaning, building services, construction, security), costing, our software can do.

2011/2012 - Web design for mobile devices

Up to 30% of traffic to a website via mobile devices. The early recognition of this trend and the implementation of the ICS could build a pioneer in this area great expertise. At the same time our homepage system has been optimized for rigorous compliance with accessibility standards, so that the highest award has been achieved in this area for the community of Schaan.

2013 - IT Outsourcing

By outsourcing of corporate servers for computer science partner ICS numerous customers can use their IT to reduce costs and better plan.

2014 - Gebäude-Manager

Redesign Industry Solution Building Manager - a web-based software for facility management.

2015 - expansion ICS Solutions

Time operation other web server and expansion of Outsourcings. Expansion of the Ticketsystems. New industry solution MyJob - a web-based software for corporate recruiters.

2016 - Upgrading Outsourcing

Increase of the capacity of our servers rooms.

2017 - New realease of CMS

New realease of our Content-Management-System for the administration of homepages.
Upgrade of our web-based facility management software.

2018 - App for time management

iOS and Android app to input work times for our web-based facility management software.

2019 - Software updates and cloud work spaces

Web-based CAD module to manage room drawings and version 2 of iOS and Android app to input work times. Switching to 100% work spaces in the cloud.

2020 - New release of Gebäude-Manager CAD module

A new release of the CAD module of our facility management application was published.

"Integrated Customer Services" - which for us is not just a slogan, but live by every day commitment!