Jerom Support
We keep an eye on your IT infrastructure, so that you can focus on your work.
Using remote maintenance, we can react quickly and take care of your system.

System Engeneering

Pulling together saves time and money.
An modern working place needs more then only a normal computer.
The requirements in the daily work are high.
  • Reacting time in trouble
  • Data security
  • Intern components
  • Extern elements like printer and scanner
  • More jobs and mobile applianceslike laptops, tablets und smartphones
The ICS Network engineers conceive a securty EDV-network for your company and maintain it, that all components are working without any problems and working togheter like they need - so you can focus on your mainbusiness and have fun at work and dont need to think about the IT - We will make sure that everything will function well.

Our offers

IT Outsourcing
We will maintain your system. learn more.
System maintance
Stay on he safe side with the system maintences from ICS. learn more.
Let us host your website. learn more.